“Andrey’s Performance Made Me Bored” – Amir Jahari

KUCHING, 28 April 2021 – Intense and full of surprises! Those are the best two words to describe last night TVSTARZ fifth concert as judge, Amir Jahari made a sassy comment to Indonesian Challenger, Andrey Arifianto – “You make me feel calm yet boring”.

Andrey performed ‘Di Persimpangan Dilema’ by songstress Nora Ariffin. Despite comments made by Amir Jahari, Andrey appeared calm and willingly accepted Amir’s comment as this could also be due to his prior experience joining numerous singing competitions in Indonesia. On the other hand, judge Yudhi Seriestha applauded Andrey’s performance while Ernie Zakri gave credit for his ability to sing exceptionally by showcasing different vocal mastery. In weeks to come, viewers are expected to anticipate more surprises!

Despite that, Andrey swiftly made his way to second place garnering 230 points from all three judges! Andrey almost hit triumph to be at the number one spot as he was three points down from Jalee’s score during TVSTARZ’s fifth concert.

A member of The Dream Team – Jalee, stood out last night. Judges were blown away by his performance, ‘Di Dalam Sepi Itu’ as it was exemplify “soulful yet full of emotions”. The song, sung by the legendary Sudirman Haji Arshad, impacted Jalee as it reminded him of his best friend who died in 2015.

Philippine represent, who is also TVSTARZ latest edition and challenger, Angel took fourth place from The Dream Team. Unfortunately, for vocal coach Valarie Thiam, luck was not on her side as she squandered from being at first to fifth place at this week’s concert.

Will The Dream Team be able to keep up with the momentum and be the next TVSTARZ? Or will they be defeated by a Challenger from abroad? Catch the action on TVSTARZ every Tuesday, 9.00 pm on TVS Channel 122 Astro and myFreeview.

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