Avakas: Old Borneon Ritual Fiction Film Makes National TV Premiere on TVS

KUCHING, 8 April 2021 – Imagine if beheading practice were a social norm in today’s time! Avakas brings that imagination into reality as it makes its national TV premiere on TVS this Saturday (10 April) at 8.30 pm. Directed by local Sabahan, Marc Abas and produced in the Kadazandusun dialect, the movie tells the story of modern-day ‘Pengait’ (head-hunter) and has been selected for various awards including London and San Francisco-based film festivals.


Starring Larry Lajinoh as the leading actor alongside cast members- Marco Nicho, Joveana Jim, Che Chi, Geinod Lozitin, Peter Tobob, Julian Mickey Niun, Alvinson Julian Mickey, Bobby Christ and Abas himself, the film follows an elderly man (Avakas) who for a secret reason, doesn’t believe in the existence of ‘Pengait’.


“Viewers will surely enjoy Avakas as much as I enjoy making it. It is emotionally-rich with elements of romance, sorrow, struggles and unity- all harmoniously combined. I am extremely thankful to TVS that we are finally able to screen our work on national TV,” said Marc, the film director.


“Avakas is an example of an exceptional masterpiece created by creative talents from Borneo. We are proud to be the FIRST television station in Malaysia to showcase Avakas. Sabah and Sarawak have a unique culture and TVS will always support local talents and content creators from Borneo. Unity can bring magic to the table.” added Suhaimi Sulaiman, TVS’s CEO.


Be sure to catch Avakas this Saturday (10 April) at 8.30 pm at TVS, channel 122 Astro and myFreeview!

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