Based on the Mega Best-Selling Novel, Winter In Tokyo Coming To You This Christmas!


KUCHING, 15 DECEMBER 2021 – “Winter in Tokyo” is a romance film adapted from one of the four seasons tetralogy by Ilana Tan that will be gracing the screen of TVS this Christmas. Directed by Fajar Bustomi, the filming of this film took place in Tokyo, Japan, starring Pamela Bowie as Keiko Ishida, Dion Wiyoko as Kazuto Nishimura, Morgan Oey as Akira Kitano and Kimberly Ryder as Yuri Iwamoto. 


Winter in Tokyo tells the story of a Japanese-Indonesian librarian named Keiko Ishida who lives in a small apartment on the outskirts of Tokyo. When the winter comes, Keiko meets Kazuto Nishimura, a street photographer returning to Tokyo after living in New York for a decade, who then turns out to be her new neighbour, living just across her apartment. Keiko and Kazuto grew fond of each other and quickly became acquainted. It all changed when Akira Kitano, Keiko’s first love in elementary school who has now become a doctor reappeared in her life. 


Keiko tried to get closer to Akira, but it did not seem to work as the man was too busy focusing on his career that it indirectly gave space for Kazuto to get closer to her. Unfortunately, when Kazuto started developing feelings for Keiko, an unexpected incident left him lying in the hospital and in a coma. He suffered from partial amnesia and could only remember the memories he had in New York, when he still loved Yuri Iwamoto.


Pamela Bowie who plays the character Keiko Ishida said, “All of the cast learned how to speak Japanese where Dion, Morgan and I were given a few months to practice the language. Although the dialogue is mostly in Indonesian, being able to converse in Japanese is definitely one of the important criterias of this film,”.


Winter in Tokyo soundtracks “Cinta Harus Menunggu” by Bobby Antonio, “Tanpa Bahasa” by Afgan and “Thank You For Your Love” by Jumicchi go along with the story revolving around the characters in the film.


Will Kazuto remember Keiko and all of their memories while in Tokyo? Will the two of them finally be able to unite without being overshadowed by their respective pasts? Find the answer in Winter in Tokyo on 25th of December 2021, Saturday at 9.30pm only at TVS, Channel 122 Astro and MYTV!

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