COVID-19 Makes TVS Stronger

KUCHING, 18 April 2021 – The temporary closure of TVS newsroom due to COVID-19 did not dampen the spirits of its staff. The show must go on. But production will be in a safe environment. Where else if not home.

Tonight, TVS broadcast journalists will be presenting the 8.00 pm news from their homes, thanks to technology. They are Steward Dawi, Priscilla John, Nur Suhaida, Connie Grace and many more. Also reporting virtually will be anchorman, Khairil Zharif Affindie who tested positive for COVID-19 and is currently at a special quarantine centre.

TVS Chief Executive Officer, Suhaimi Sulaiman, who was once a news anchor, will also be presenting the news with his staff.

“Not even COVID-19, will stop us from doing what we do best, bringing the latest news to our viewers. We just have to be creative,” said Suhaimi.

Suhaimi added, in line with its mission to deliver fresh and inspiring contents, TVS will continue to serve the viewers with informative and entertaining programs and most importantly applying lateral thinking skills to overcome obstacles.

Stay tuned as TVS reporters take turns reporting remotely starting with TVS Utama on Sunday, 18 April 2021, 8.00 pm.

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