Fanzi and Jazper Goes Head to Head, Eyqa Eliminated

KUCHING, 1 June 2021 – Once again, the new challenger from Sabah, Fanzi steals the spotlight with his amazing performance “Cobalah Untuk Setia by Kris Dayanti”. Fanzi has won first place for two weeks in a row since his first appearance last week, making it more tense for the other challengers.

“I’m trying to find out where Fanzi’s mistake is. But I just can’t. Fanzi has done his best,” said Yudhi Seriestha, one of the TVSTARZ juries.

Following closely with only four marks difference is Jazper who has won second place with his performance “Can We Talk by Tevin Campbell”.

“Your performance is great. If you want a song, you can call me anytime,” said Amir Jahari. Jazper is known as the ‘Second Place King’ as he consecutively secures his place in Top 3 each week and also his place in the juries’ hearts.

Unfortunately, Eyqa, an original member of the Dream Team got last place and was eliminated from TVSTARZ with her performance from Ella’s song, “Sepi Sekuntum Mawar Merah.” It is said that Eyqa was trying to ‘play safe’ and lost her place in the Dream Team.

Watch TVSTARZ latest episode:

TVSTARZ Episode 11

With the appearance of stronger challengers from across the world, TVSTARZ is getting tense every minute and every song. Who will advance to the finals? Can the challengers beat the Dream Team ? Or will we see another member of the Dream Team eliminated from the competition?

Tune in every Tuesday, 9.00pm (Malaysian time) on TVS Channel 122 Astro and MYTV, airing simultaneously on TVS Facebook page.

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