Indonesian Challenger Beats TVSTARZ ‘Original’ Dream Team to Dust

KUCHING, 5 May 2021 – “Loud and clear!” described Ernie Zakri, Malaysia’s award-winning songstress who is also a TVSTARZ jury in the programme’s seventh concert last night. Blown away by the performance from Andrey, Ernie commented, “There is no excuse even if this competition runs online. If a song is delivered sincerely, it could drown the listeners into emotions and that is a WOW factor for every singer.”

Topping the competition, Indonesian ‘challenger’ Andrey beats all the other contestants including the ‘original’ Dream Team and Filipino challenger, Angel to dust. Singing ‘Black or White’ in this week’s challenge, King of Pop- Michael Jackson, Andrey captured the heart of TVSTARZ juries with the overall score, 242.

Angel who has just made her debut last week sang ‘Music & Me’, captivating the juries and audience with her melodious voice and placed fourth in this week’s concert. Jazper too made highlight as his performance, ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ exhibits his unique vocal colour, similar to international singers as referred by jury, Pak Yudhi (Yudhi Seriestha).

Jalee in the opposite however hit rock bottom and placed last in this week’s concert. On the verge of losing, will the Malaysian Dream Team lineup be able to rise up or succumb to defeat?

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Tune in to TVSTARZ every Tuesday, 9.00 pm (Malaysian time) on TVS Channel 122 Astro and MYTV, and aired simultaneously on TVS Facebook page.

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