No Elimination: Dream Team Marches to The Finale

KUCHING, 8 June 2021 – Born a singer, Fanzi advances to the finals of TVSTARZ with another undeniably flawless performance with ‘Sedetik Lebih by Anuar Zain’. Fanzi continued to prove himself to be TVSTARZ-worthy when he performed perfectly with his own unique style and ranked first this week.

“Although you are new in the Dream Team, your performance, skills, everything including your vocals and emotions. They are perfect,” Amir Jahari, TVSTARZ jury clarified for Fanzi’s performance.

Jazper, the Second Place King, secures his spot in the Dream Team as he ranked second this week with his performance of ‘Show Must Go On by Queens’. Followed by Andrey in third place with the song ‘I Need To Know by Marc Anthony’ who tied with Jalee and ranked fourth with his amazing performance of ‘You Give Love A Bad Name by Bon Jovi’.

Although Angel ranked last with her performance of the legendary song, ‘Pangako Sayo by Daniel Padilla’, she managed to advance to the finals of TVSTARZ as there are no eliminations this week.

Watch the latest episode here:

TVSTARZ Episode 12

With the final stage awaiting, who will be the champion of TVSTARZ and win the prize of RM30,000.00? Tune in every Tuesday, 9.00pm (Malaysian time) on TVS Channel 122 Astro and MYTV, airing simultaneously on TVS Facebook page.

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