Stay Hooked with TVS! All-Time Favourite Drama, Love, Destiny is on Air

KUCHING, 29 October 2021 – Stay hooked with TVS! All-time favourite drama, Love Destiny is on air. Having taken Asia by storm, this Thai historical drama will put the audience on an emotional roller coaster with its mind-blowing plot twist.

Portraying the Ayutthaya Kingdom in its set design, this romantic comedy series revolves around the main character, Ketsurang. Caught in an accident on her way back from a school excavation trip, Ketsurang regained consciousness- only to find herself stuck in a different body and era, too.

The crisis heightened as she no longer is a mere ‘nobody’ but carries the name, Karaket, the daughter of Phitsanulok province’s ruler. Ketsurang’s eccentric and goofy modern personality shocked the people around her at first, but thanks to her kindness, they warmed up to her eventually.

Recently discontinued on Netflix, fans of this 15-episode drama surely are craving to watch their star actress, Ranee Campen and actor, Thanawat Wattanaputi on screen. Worry not! Your favourite show is now aired on channel 122 Astro & MyTV, every Monday until Thursday at 8.45 pm.

Picture Caption: Stay hooked with Love Destiny on TVS, every Monday until Thursday at 8.45pm!

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