TVS Brings You on a Historical Ride This Sarawak Day!

KUCHING, 16 July 2021 – The long awaited commemoration of Sarawak Day is finally here! In conjunction with honouring the establishment of self-government and de facto independence on 22nd of July, TVS is launching TVS Live Hari Sarawak 2021 with exciting programmes lined-up throughout the day that highlights this beautiful and diverse state.

A live broadcast from 7.30 am of Sejahtera Asia Khas Hari Sarawak with regional radio broadcast partner Astro, RTM and Cats FM features Sarawak’s rich roots and background. Interviews during the session will discuss historical topics with Sarawak historians and messages from prominent Sarawakian figures and Sarawakian students studying abroad.

The event will be embellished with a representation of traditional costumes from various ethnicities worn by TVS news anchors while reading the news to portray each culture’s uniqueness. Additionally, TVS will be airing patriotic music videos that aim to touch the hearts of the audience with its message of unity and what Sarawak has achieved.

“We want to commemorate this day by using our platform to further portray the harmony and diversity in Sarawak – to emphasize our luxurious heritage, to touch people’s lives and pass on a cultural message to the younger generations.” said Suhaimi Sulaiman, Chief Executive Officer of TVS.

To further celebrate this historical day, Sarawak-centric programmes under TVS annual Pitch-It exercise namely Bujang Berani, Above & Beyond, and Pertiwi: From Sarawak with Love are set to air on TVS on Sarawak Day which aims to tell the tales of local hero stories.

Yusmal Ghazali, Director and Producer of Bujang Berani mentioned, “I choose to produce and direct this documentary series because we need to constantly remind our society about the sacrifices made by those who have served the nation. This need for a constant reminder gave birth to Bujang Berani, a human story documentary about the heroic tales of Sarawak-born patriots and I would like to thank TVS for giving me this opportunity.”

A call for Pitch-It 2021, summoning creative industry players to pitch their ideas to TVS. The goal is to uncover the best creative ideas and to discover new local talents and submission ends 10th of August. Interested participants may submit their applications at

Be sure to tune in to TVS Channel 122 Astro and MYTV on Sarawak Day, 22nd July 2021 to catch these remarkable programmes.

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