TVS Collaborates With Sarawak United FC as the Official Media Partner

KUCHING, 21 May 2021 – TVS, a television station based in Kuching, Sarawak announced its collaboration with Sarawak United FC as the official media partner in bringing fresh contents on the club updates to the football fans.

This collaboration is supporting Sarawak United FC as the current leading team in the Malaysia Premier League 2021 Season. The club has raised their ranking since its debut after rebranding in 2019. Hence, TVS is proud to be part of a rising star thus inspiring football fans in Sarawak and nationwide.

“This collaboration is a win-win for both parties. TVS is happy to create content on Sarawak United FC and fans of the football club would be happy to consume the content,” said Suhaimi Sulaiman, CEO of TVS.

Football fans alike are expected to be well informed on the club updates, players routines, performance insights and entertained with inspiring contents by TVS and Sarawak United FC. However, there would not be any airing of live matches yet due to broadcasting rights ownership at the moment.

Haizul Azmi Dzulkafli, Legal Advisor of Sarawak United FC added, “Sarawak United FC is ecstatic with the collaboration as this presents us with a unique opportunity to harness fan friendly content provided by TVS during and after the pandemic.”

Stay tuned to TVS Channel 122 on Astro and MYTV for the latest news.

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