KUCHING, 26 JANUARY 2022 – TVS is airing the movies of the famous Hong Kong comedian Stephen Chow for this upcoming Chinese New Year celebration.

 The first movie, Justice, My Foot!, which will be aired on Chinese New Year eve, is a story of a lawyer’s notoriety that impacts his ability to have a family. But after a wealthy man’s son murders someone, the shyster Sung (Chow), gets the killer off the hook, then retires to make amends for his own wrongdoings.

 The movie was directed by Johnnie To with casts including Anita Mui and Ng Man-tat. Through this movie, Stephen Chow won the Asia Pacific Film Festival for Best Actor award.

 Another movie, Love On Delivery, tells a story of a man named Ho Kam-An (Chow), who works as a delivery boy that falls in love with a client named Lily. While he attempts to woo her, he ends up being beaten by the bully Judo Master Black Bear that also admired Lily.

 Love On Delivery was directed by Lee Lik-chi, which also includes Christy Chung and Ng Man-tat as casts.

 Will Sung manage to bring the killer to justice and Ho Kam-An prove himself and win Lily’s heart?  Catch Justice, My Foot! on Tuesday 1 February 2022 and Love On Delivery on 2 February 2022, both at 12.30pm only at TVS, channel 122 Astro and MYTV!

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