TVS Originals: Tilit-Tilit Cinta, Khemah Kita Bah & Pusak, To Keep You Entertained!

KUCHING, 2 November 2021 – TVS Originals will keep audiences occupied and entertained with various options from drama series to lifestyle and hobby reality programs. Tilit-Tilit Cinta, Khemah Kita Bah and Pusak are all produced by talented producers from Sarawak to showcase Sarawakian talent.

Tilit-Tilit Cinta is a drama series that revolves around Ujang who is well known as the unfortunate guy. In spite of his bad luck and going through many unfortunate events, he perseveres through it all until he meets Merry at a rooftop and thought that she wanted to take her own life. Ujang and Merry soon develop a relationship that changes their lives. From the same producer of Hope Finds Love, this drama series is starring Haziq Fadhullah as Ujang, Dee Dee A’iene as Merry and Kahar Jini as Uncle Tony.

Khemah Kita Bah is hosted by Chopie Cakap and Amir Jahari in taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. They took the opportunity to explore and camp at many interesting places in Sarawak whilst enjoying the beautiful nature of the Land of the Hornbills. Watch them go down rivers, beaches, waterfalls, caves and many more attractions in Sarawak in Khemah Kita Bah!

Pusak is a reality show that showcases cats in every episode that will cover about various topics where invited guests of different backgrounds such as veterinarian, comic artist, cat stylist, as well as the President of Sarawak Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) will be sharing many interesting tips on cats’ health, grooming, safety and many more. This show will be very informative to cat lovers as there will be many more interesting topics that will be discussed; hosted by Jessica John, Maria Sujie and Connie Grace.

“This show gives me the opportunity to be out of my comfort zone as I used to be scared of cats, but after producing Pusak, I now realise that I love cats. I believe that all animals should be loved as they are also God’s creations that can both feel pain and affection” said Nur Ardilla, Producer of Pusak.

Be sure to watch Tilit-Tilit Cinta on Saturday and Sunday at 3.00 PM, Khemah Kita Bah every Sunday at 7.15 PM and Pusak every Monday at 1.45 PM only at TVS, Channel 122 Astro and MYTV.

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