TVSTARZ Debut: TVS First Ever Reality Show Competition

KUCHING, 26 February 2021 – Gear up Malaysia because TVS is unveiling its FIRST ever reality talent show, TVSTARZ! TVSTARZ has garnered over 645 applicants nationwide and 6 contestants have been deliberately selected and shortlisted. Contestants will be revealed in one of TVSTARZ’ episodes. These creme de la creme will be the next movers and shakers of Malaysia’s entertainment industry.


This FIRST EVER TVS REALITY SHOW PRODUCTION is set to meet the audience over 3 SEASONS, focused at discovering local talents with singing in Season 1, hosting in Season 2 and acting abilities in Season 3. The first season will be aired over 10 episodes meanwhile Season 2 and 3 will each conclude after a 6-week challenge. Each season will encompass different contestants.


TVS’ producer, singer and dancer, Jay C will host the show while singing coach, Yudhi Seriestha, and powerhouse singers Ernie Zakri and Amir Jahari will act as judges. Meanwhile singer and former Miss World Malaysia 2014, Sarawak’s very own, Miss Dewi Liana Seriestha will be the show’s vocal coach as well as TVS’ very own music producer Farouq Mousthofa will act as music arranger.


According to TVSTARZ’ producer, Nurbaizura Abu Mansor, “This first ever reality show produced by TVS will be a benchmark within the entertainment sphere for aspiring talents in their journey to stardom”.


ORIGINALLY PRODUCED BY TVS, TVSTARZ sets itself UNIQUE and apart from other talent shows where it will be the first 100% online talent search program made available on TV due to today’s current pandemic. It is a one of a kind concept that correlates to TVS’ slogan, “Fresh and Inspiring”. A group of 6 singers, which will be called The Dream Team, will have to sing their way to the finals as they face one challenger per week.


“TVSTARZ by TVS will be a breath of fresh air to the industry. We believe that this platform can leverage and nurture talents to the next level while utilizing local creative industry players particularly in Sarawak,” said Suhaimi Sulaiman, Chief Executive Officer of TVS in its official statement.


Watch it to believe it! Making way to your screens soon, TVSTARZ’s astounding vocalists are here to take centre-stage as the most unique and entertaining talent search program! The show will set to air on March 16th, 2021 on TVS Channel 122 on Astro and myFreeview.


TVSTARZ, Shoot for the Stars.

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